How to Choose a Reliable and Reputable Cleaning Service

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Choosing the right cleaning company that you can trust

Do you find your home messy and disorganized? Do you not have enough time in your day to maintain the messes of everyday life? If your looking to hire a cleaning service in kelowna, We wrote this blog post for you. To provide some tips on how to make sure a professional home cleaning service is right for you.

Hiring a Cleaning Service Company in Kelowna will lighten your load and free up more time to do the more important things in life! However, before you hire an expert, here are a few tips to help you choose the best cleaning services in Kelowna for your home.

The Difference between Professional Cleaners Vs Side Job Cleaner

The main difference when you hire a professional cleaning company like us, you are paying for a bonded service that covers any breakables or damage, that uses professional cleaning techniques, guarantees quality and creates a custom-tailored cleaning solution to your property. Compared to someone just doing some tidying side work for some extra cash. Cleaning is our lifestyle and with our service it comes with our Get It Right Guarantee.

Find a Cleaning Service with Great Customer Support

When you choose to hire Get It Right Cleaning Services, you will expect to get a personal touch. We help build a customized tailored solution to your liking to clean different areas of your home. We treat your home like our own and aim to bring 5-star cleaning solutions for our customers.

How Our Professional Cleaners Stand Out In Kelowna

A Professional Office Cleaning Service in Kelowna is a good option for all homeowners if they want to accomplish the cleaning task in no time. Our team of professional cleaners can come and clean a 7,000 sq foot house (15 man-hour job with 3 maids done in 5 hours). Our company may easily accommodate the schedule of a homeowner. We have back up employees so that there is less chance of a cleaning service provider to arrive late or cancel the cleaning task. Furthermore, our company has insurance and is bonded to cover all types of financial losses or any type of accident that involves its employees in your residential unit.

Types of Cleaning Services

We offer multiple Cleaning Services in Kelowna. A range from commercial business cleaning, office cleaning, apartment cleaning, airbnb turnover cleaning, and residential home cleaning in Kelowna.

Move In & Move Out Cleaning Checklist

As all cleaning services, move in/out cleans are customized and tailored to the needs of the client. Normally a move out/in clean will take more time than a Basic Clean. Due to the fact of having to achieve everything in our Move in / out cleaning list

Our Cleaning Company will clean the complete area of shelves, closets, kitchens, windows, window sills, bathrooms, bedrooms, light fixtures, cabinets (inside and out), all walls, baseboards and all appliances (inside and out). Cleaning an empty house requires more time due to the fact of all the wall space that needs to get scrubbed and areas that were hidden by furniture.

Post Construction Cleanings

Post Construction Cleaning Services can leave an abundance of dirt, dust and debris. A professional commercial cleaning service company can help you by providing post-construction cleaning. This will quickly make your home look refreshed and feel more comfortable and polish off the new renovation.

When you decide to hire a dedicated post-construction cleaning company, you can expect to receive an executive cleaning of your property! Your home will be healthy and happy once again.

Apartment Complex / Airbnb Cleanings

When hiring Get It Right Cleaning Services, Both homeowners and property managers can expect a trustworthy team to arrive at a specific time and get the job done right! By our residential cleaning service company in Kelowna, you can expect to receive the best possible apartment & vacation rental cleaning services.

Garage Cleaning

It is always good practice to search out a professional cleaning service once or twice a one year to sweep out the cobwebs, leaves and debris that can accumulate in your garage.

Charges Related to Services

Many companies offering high-quality executive cleaning in Kelowna have a flat rate, then charge extra for additional items. We offer free estimates based on the square footage and rooms of your house. These are rough estimates, which can be 15-20% less or more depending on how dirty your house is.

During this walk-through, this is the time to talk about any extra charges with specific services. Some Cleaning Companies may have extra charges with high ceilings, homes with animals and any deep cleaning of areas in your home. As you are the client/customer, asking questions and communicating to the cleaning company representative will ensure that you receive the type of executive cleaning service that is desired.

Screening of Employees

If you want to hire Airbnb Cleaning in Kelowna or any other type of cleaning service in Kelowna, you have to make sure of the safety of your home. For this, you must ask the way, in which a cleaning company screens its employees and whether it always sends the same cleaners to your home. Many companies send the same cleaning professionals every time. However, there is a possibility that regular cleaners fall sick or stay off from the day. Hence, you must know to trust the replacement as well.

At Get It Right, Every professional cleaner has to go through a criminal record check and a series of interviews for the position. Our cleaning guarantee explains how we have you covered.

View Previous Work References

Obtaining references from both individual cleaning services and Professional Cleaning companies is a wonderful way to do your comparison. Using social media, google, yelp and other review platforms will give you the information you need to see what the companies past work projects were like.

Make Sure The Cleaning Companies are Liable!

Whenever you hire a cleaning company, checking the insurance documents or certificate of insurance is a good idea. If a company fails to provide insurance documents/ proof, you should avoid hiring them.

Therefore, with the aforementioned considerations, you can expect to have a reliable and reputed professional cleaning service provider to clean your home.

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