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Our Kelowna Home Cleaning Policies:

Our Client Sickness Policy:
We will not be able to service your home if someone in your house has tested positive for COVID-19 or is currently sick. Please reschedule your clean or have everyone completely out of the house and inform us.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Our Cancellation Policy:

• To cancel a scheduled clean, you must provide at least 24 hours notice before the appointment time,
• Cancellation the day of is there is a $60 last minute cancellation charge that will be applied to your next bill.
• If cleaners are at your house and there is no answer when we they get there and cant get in there will be a $100 cancellation fee.

Thank you for understanding.

Minimum Charge Out & Right to Refuse Safe Work

Our minimum charge out for two cleaners is $135 (2 Cleaners for 1.5 hours + tax)
We also have the right to refuse unsafe work.

Our Get It Right Cleaning Services Guarantee

Get It Right Cleaning Services has been providing impeccable residential house cleaning services to the Kelowna Area since 2017. We are your local established Kelowna company that offers a flexible and customized maid service.

We pride ourselves on being a cleaning company that gets the project cleaned right. When you book with us, you can be rely that all of the cleaners that are with Get It Right are trained professionals cleaners with an eye for detail. You can relax knowing that, through us, your place will always be neat and clean when were done.

In order to provide our clients with the best cleaning experience possible and ensure your home is in good hands, we perform an extensive background check and interviews for our cleaners prior to any employment.

Your home is a sanctuary and your office is oftentimes a second home. In addition to background checks, Our Kelowna Maids are trained with our in depth detail-oriented cleaning training program, so we can provide you with unmatched service.

We also offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for your home cleaning services. While it's our mission to provide the best service from the get go, if for some reason your not satisfied with the job the team has done, please reach out and address your problem so we can come up with a solution with you.

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8 Peace Of Mind Points Covered By Our Guarantee

1. We guarantee you will never have to sign a contract with us.
2. We guarantee that our team members have passed a criminal background check and are polite, honest, and presentable at all times.
We guarantee we are insured and liable.
4. We guarantee outstanding customer service, thorough and immediate response to customer’s needs and issues, and prompt resolutions and follow-ups to all situations.
5. We guarantee security. Our team members are trained in securing your building keys and security codes.
6. We guarantee a personalized cleaning service program designed to clean your home or building with the utmost efficiency. This program takes into account your specific cleaning services needs and addresses the particular cleaning priorities you set out with our cleaners.
7. We guarantee that we are knowledgeable about cleaning techniques,  products, and equipment to maintain your home or building.
8. We guarantee confidentiality in regards to your personal information and anything we see at the clean. We do not share information about your business, read documents, disrupt paperwork, or access computers.

Work With A Cleaning Team You Can Trust.

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