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If you have recently completed a construction project, you will be left with extra dirt and debris that need to be cleaned up. This can be a major hassle, especially if your client doesn’t pay you until the site is ready for its first occupants. Let our post construction cleaning services help you clean up your site in no time!

We are fully licensed and insured with 2 million in liability, so you can feel protected that we will provide top-quality services that will leave your property looking like new. We also have the option to use environmentally-friendly products / non-toxic chemicals to get rid of every last bit of dirt and debris. Our team is trained with industry leading cleaning techniques that will transform your property to its full potential.

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Experienced Post Construction Cleaning Professionals in Kelowna & West Kelowna.

With this package we provide a DEEP detailed clean for your project! Our cleaning services provide satisfaction guaranteed. Post construction cleaning services involve a much deeper clean than just a standard cleaning service.

With thick layers of dust EVERYWHERE, your project requires an eye for detail to bring your project to its beautiful full potential. Our deep cleaning service involves a deep cleaning of your walls, baseboards and much more.

Sticker residue, dust, handprints, smudges, scuffs will be thoroughly removed to ensure long-lasting brilliance and shine. See how we get our services of deep post construction cleaning kelowna right by checking out below.

Our Kelowna Home Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

Exclusive to Our Deep Cleaning Service

  • All walls & Baseboards are scrubbed and wiped clean

  • Door​s are washed down, removing all dust, dirt and fingerprints.

  • Reachable windows and window sills dusted and hand wiped

  • Door frames, knobs, and light switches are cleaned until they shine

  • Left out dishes are washed & put away

  • Linens can be changed

  • Any other special requests

Entire Home & Bedrooms

  • Accessible areas under furniture are vacuumed

  • Knickknacks are individually cleaned

  • All leather furniture wiped down and/or all upholstered furniture vacuumed.

  • Picture frames dusted

  • Baseboards dusted and wiped

  • Floors are vacuumed & mopped

  • Trash collected and disposed of, garbage cans wiped out

  • Add ons: Fridge, Cupboards, and stove

  • Add ons: Blinds have an extra cost due to the time and dusters it takes to clean


  • Countertops thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and organized.

  • Sinks disinfected and chrome shined

  • Fronts of all appliances cleaned​

  • Backsplash, window sills and ledges dusted​

  • Floors are vacuumed and mopped​

  • Microwave wiped out

  • (Only if requested) Inside cupboards, fridge, or stove


  • Inside shower tile grouting scrubbed

  • Toilets disinfected including surrounding floors and walls

  • Sinks cleaned, sanitized and shined

  • Shower glass and mirrors streak free

  • Countertops disinfected, and organized.

  • Floors are vacuumed and mopped​

  • Countertops thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and organized.

  • Personal belongings hand wiped

  • Trash collected and disposed of, garbage cans wiped out

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