Cleaning Services FAQ

We answer some of the top questions about our cleaning company and services.

Who are we?

Get It Right Professional Cleaning Services

We are a local, family-owned, residential and commercial cleaning services business in Kelowna, BC.  As a company, we are working towards providing customized cleaning solutions for each and every client. We specialize in customer satisfaction and backing our GET IT RIGHT Guarantee.
What YOU Get With Get It Right!
• Reliable, high-quality, and trustworthy cleaners for your home, business or airbnb rentals
• More free time for you to focus on life instead of cleaning
• Professional Cleaners that are background checked and have an eye for detail when it comes to cleaning.

What does your quality control system look like?

Working our way to becoming the best cleaning company in Kelowna

Our quality control system is interactive and is dependent upon your feedback and communication to run smoothly. We would appreciate your input on the overall experience and quality you are receiving so that we may address issues that are important to you. We will correct or address any issues we are made aware of. Our staff takes great pride in the work they do and also want to be informed when you are disappointed with the service.  Your feedback is a very valuable way to help us serve you better.

What is the GET IT RIGHT guarantee?

Our Kelowna cleaning services guarantee

1. We guarantee that our team members are polite, honest, and presentable at all times.
2. We guarantee outstanding customer service, thorough and immediate response to customer’s needs and issues, and prompt resolutions and follow-ups to all situations.
3. We guarantee security. Our team members are trained on securing your building keys and security codes.
4. We guarantee a personalized cleaning services program designed to clean your home or building with the utmost efficiency. This program takes into account your specific cleaning needs and addresses your particular cleaning priorities.
5. We guarantee there are never any contracts you will have to sign to use our services
6. We guarantee that we are a knowledgeable and experienced cleaning services provider. We know cleaning products and how to sanitize our equipment to maintain your home or building.
7. We guarantee confidentiality in regards to your business information. We do not share information about your business, read documents, disrupt paper work or access computers.

What is your cleaning cancellation policy?

We get it, sometimes guests may cancel last minute and things come up. Because of this, we do not have a cancellation fee if you cancel your cleaning services at least 24 hours before the cleaning. If you cancel within 24 hours of the clean, there is a $45 cancellation fee to cover the last-minute cancellation.

How do you handle key exchange?

Most people have a key code, lockbox or hide the key somewhere for the cleaners. Please let us know on the phone the location of the key or lockbox code when you book. We can also hold on to a spare key. All we ask is there is a guaranteed way for the cleaners to get in so there is no time wasted.

Do cleaners bring their own supplies?

Yes, our cleaners do! The cleaners will bring all products for cleaning, with a HEPA filtered vacuum, mop and a bag of microfibre cloths for dusting and wiping. However, the cleaners will not bring laundry detergent, dishwasher soap. Just tell us where those are stored at your unit.

How soon in advance do I need to schedule?

You’ll need to schedule cleaning services 48 hours before. However, we highly recommend scheduling as far in advance as possible – or you can also schedule re-occurring weekly, and bi-weekly cleanings. We always do our best to accommodate your needs but if you schedule cleaning services last minute (under 48 hours), we unfortunately cannot guarantee availability due to our limited availability.

Do you do laundry?

Yes, our Kelowna maids do laundry! We use the linen that you provide us. Laundry service is included in the price as long as the machines are on-site or in-building. There is no extra charge, it just costs the time it takes to do the laundry. For laundry we have to take off-site to wash there is a $20 charge per load.

Do the cleaners look for damages in Airbnb’s?

Your cleaners follow our Airbnb Checklist and will keep an eye out for damages and report anything unusual. However, we are not responsible for damages caused by the guests, or for missing any damages by the guest.

What if there are no keys or the code doesn’t work?

If for some reason the key is missing or the code is not working. The cost is on you for the time it takes for you to provide a way into the house or pay a 45$ cancellation fee to reimburse the time of the cleaners.

What is your availability?

If your looking for cleaning services in kelowna, we try to fit any schedule!
Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning
Airbnb / Vacation Rental Cleaning
Please call or contact us via the contact page to arrange a booking.

Are tips expected?

Get It Right never requires tipping, but it is a wonderful way to say thank you to your service provider. It’s not necessary but a personal note from you expressing your appreciation for their service can go along way.

What happens if the cleaners cant get in?

In the instances when our employees have to wait 30 minutes or longer for someone to open the door, bring keys, complete the work, etc. We reserve the right to reduce the time of the appointment by the amount of time our team members had to spend waiting, or charge for the wait time at $40.00 an hour per person, in addition to your cleaning rate.

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