13 Cleaning Tips From A Professional Cleaner

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Hey everyone, welcome to our cleaning blog. Deanna has been in the cleaning industry for almost 10 years, and throughout the years of cleaning, She has been asked by many customers for cleaning tips on how to improve their techniques! She has decided to create this cleaning blog to help you out with some easy cleaning tips to improve your skills.

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1. Think of your house as a grid

By visualizing everything as a grid, it enables you you keep track of what you have cleaned. “By visualizing the space broken up into a grid, I don’t miss anything and I don’t go over any spot more times than necessary.”

2. Always work from top to bottom

If you’re doing a major clean up, do your floors and baseboards last. That way when you’re dusting, you’re not moving dust and dirt onto surfaces you have already cleaned. So that means get the cobwebs off the ceiling before you vacuum and mop!

3. Always start in a corner

Some say the hardest part is finding where to start. To be efficient pick a corner and clean from there.

4. Always clean every surface

When cleaning homes we dust and then wipe every surface with quality microfibre cloths. Every surface means walls, picture frames, knick-knacks, desks, computers, and on and on. If it has a surface, it can accumulate dust and dirt. Therefore to clean it right and to make it sparkle this is what has to be done!

5. Move furniture & lift knick-knacks

You would be surprised at how much dust collects underneath furniture. The best routine to get into is to occasionally move your furniture and vacuum the debris underneath. You would be amazed at what collects under there

6. Always vacuum your way out of a room

If you have worked hard to clean the room, you want to enjoy the finished product. To give the room a professional house cleaner touch, start at the farthest end of the room and vacuum straight lines backwards until you find yourself out of the room.

7. Use this dirty microwave cleaning tip

If you’re dealing with a very dirty microwave with dry baked on stuff. Wet a cloth and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. The rag will be hot so be careful. You can then use the cloth to clean the microwave out. The moisture will make it easier to clean.

8.  Use indoor only cleaning shoes

When cleaning homes, Deanna brings a pair of indoor cleaning shoes for a couple reasons. When cleaning for long hours on hard material floor it’s important to support your feet with quality insoles and to prevent your socks from picking up dust and debris and spreading them over previously cleaned areas.

9. Use this streak free glass cleaner

There are many different cleaners to get streak-free windows. But the perfect streak-free solution we use is cheap, simple, and eco-friendly! We utilize a mixture of vinegar and water! When cleaning your windows, spray your windows and microfibre cloth with this solution, wipe down your windows and use a dry microfibre cloth to dry it to leave a perfect streak-free window!

10. Use these for removing marks on walls & baseboards

The professional cleaner’s secret weapon to removing marks on walls and baseboards is Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! These things are saviors when it comes to removing marks and brightening white doors and baseboards.

11. Primarily use microfibre and mirror clothes

When cleaning at a professional standard, the cloths you use will make a huge difference in cleaning quality. Using microfibre clothes traps the dirt and dust and leaves no streaks when using the correct product for the job. So don’t be using just any old dishrag otherwise you will just be spreading the dust compared to trapping it.

12. Clean a little bit everyday

When people look at cleaning like a big marathon, it discourages them and they don’t want to do it. So the trick is to spend at least 15 minutes every day tidying up, cleaning countertops, and doing other quick cleaning tasks, which improves the households mental well-being and makes deep cleans much easier to tackle later on.

13. Listen to podcasts while you clean.

Though Deanna really enjoys how cleaning is a physical task that offers you time to be totally unplugged (she even calls it “meditative”), it’s also a great opportunity to take in some passive entertainment. She says workout music is great, too.

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